I'm Kickstarter's VP of Engineering. This is my programming practice. I write code and write about the writing of code.

Hello, world! I'm Mark, Kickstarter's VP of Engineering. This is my Drip! I'm using Drip to get a better sense of what it feels like to be a creator on the platform; both the tactile as well as the emotional experience.

In addition to my day-to-day responsibilities managing Kickstarter's (and Drip's) engineering team, I'm engaged in a deliberate practice of software engineering. I believe writing software is a creative act. You can use metaphors to describe the act of computer programming: sculpture, gardening, and civil engineering come to mind, but writing software is its own unique expression.

I'll be using this Drip to describe my own experiences practicing programming and leading a team to do the same. I'll go in depth in some of the technical details and hurdles a practicing software engineer must understand and overcome, as well as some of the more conceptual and creative forces at work. Together, we can understand how to direct creative energies toward a programming practice whether you're programming a toy, a musical composition, or a business application. You can learn more about me by visiting my homepage:

This Drip can also provide a means for you to get a direct line to me (and indirectly, the Drip & Kickstarter engineering team, but don't count on it). If you really want the inside scoop on Drip, you should subscribe to Trav.

I'm excited to be on Drip to work with you, to empathize with the creators on this platform, and to engage my own creative impulses.

This will be fun!!

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