tar -czvf drip.tar.gz .

Published on 2019-11-14

Hi. It's me, Mark, from Drip.

Over the last few weeks, creators on Drip received an email that said: "On November 14, 2019, we will fully shut down the Drip product ... We will convert all Drips to static, read-only pages, and will  send you a download link to access the content you’ve uploaded to your Drip—including all of your published posts’ media files." 

So I'm getting in one last word before that happens.

You can find me on the internet at my website: markwunsch.com. Prior to joining Drip, I would occasionally publish a Tinyletter as a sketchbook/journal of my programming endeavors. I think I'd like to pick that back up, if you'd like to subscribe there.

I can never remember the right switches for `tar`, so I'm providing a link to the manpage for it here, as well as memorializing it in the title of this post.

  • -c creates the archive
  • -z compresses it with gzip
  • -v displays progress verbosely in the terminal
  • -f lets you specify the filename of the archive

Thank you for reading.