So... what does being a founder mean?

Published on 2018-01-11

First, let me digress with the cool stuff.

My Lady Astronaut books take place in an alternate history where an asteroid strikes Washington D.C. in 1952 and kicks off the space program fast and early. Nations band together to create the International Aerospace Coalition.

My founders will get a mission patch from this universe.

In the image, each blue star represents a member nation of the IAC and the white star stands for D.C.

This could be yours.

So that's part of what being a founder means. You get a nifty thing. That's the immediate impact for you.

For me? What it means is that there's a core of people who like my work and are invested in seeing more of it in the world. The challenge with being an artist in any field is that the income stream is so uneven. This is part of why I have three separate careers running simultaneously.

At the heart of it, they are all about stories and, more specifically, about connecting with an audience. And that, really, is what being a founder means to me. It means a connection. It means a clear path between us.

Also, the mission patch is really freaking cool.