I write songs, make records, go on tour and sing to people, that's my job! Music is one of the magics that can save the world and I want to create as much of this magic as possible.

I love sound, and words, and feelings. Writing and recording songs is the best way I know how to communicate this love. I’ve been making music for about 20 years, starting out working with independent labels in the Pacific Northwest and touring all around the US and internationally. I now live in Brooklyn and put out records on my own label, Absolute Magnitude Recordings. Absolute Magnitude is the measure of the intrinsic brightness of a celestial body. I like thinking about the things I make in this way, emanating inherent light.

I just turned 44, and I’m pregnant! This is a very exciting development in my life and I can’t wait to meet this little person I am making. I also think there is going to be a transition time while I’m figuring out how to keep doing what I do, while figuring out how to be a mom. I want to make sure that I’m able to keep making music for you while this happens. The coolest thing about doing what I’ve been doing for all these years is my connection with each of you. When you write me letters and share your stories with me at my shows, you tell me how deeply my music has affected you, how important it has been to your lives. This means so incredibly much to me, and makes me want to keep making things for you. 

I want to keep putting out records independently, I want to make more music videos and collaborative performances, I want to keep touring and playing shows. So, in honor of this period of transition, I am starting this DRIP campaign as a way that we can keep this relationship going and stay afloat together in this ever-shifting seascape of digitized sound media.

I’ll be sending you new song ideas and recordings, old demos and recordings that have never been heard. If you sign up in the first two months of the campaign, the founding period, you’ll get a complete set of the demo recordings from my new album, Understanding. 

I am interested in accountability, and I like that by commencing an agreement of exchange, I and you will have something to step up to on a regular monthly basis. I won't just be an artist spinning in the space-time of her own mind, I will be an artist revolving in a dance of giving and receiving with all of you in my constellation. 

Thank you for listening and supporting me all of these years.

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