Headlands Center for the Arts

Published on 2018-09-15

Yesterday we stopped by Headlands Center for the Arts to say hello and drop off some records. This very building is where I recorded most of the demos for my new Understanding LP. Here I am standing in front of what was my studio when I was an artist in residence there. It’s a big 1940’s military gymnasium with a two lane manual-set bowling alley in the basement. It was a magical month for me, and so many good songs and recordings came out of it. 

As founding members, these demos will soon be yours! In supporting me on d.rip you are helping me be able to music as I make this exciting life-changing transition into being a mom. Due date December 9th! So much gratitude to Headlands Center for the Arts for supporting me and being the nesting grounds for Understanding! And to all of you for listening. ...