New video!

Published on 2018-09-12

Hi friends!

We just released a video for "Lake/Ocean"!

We were invited to join friends on an Alaska inland passage tugboat adventure for 4 days in July. The G. Mosey is a 1905 tugboat which was converted to a live-aboard in the 70’s (think black porcelain bathroom fixtures and faux wood paneling) and is now being reconditioned into a sort of floating punk house/artist residency. We took turns driving, our friends caught salmon and king crabs. We saw bears and bald eagles and porpoises. Somehow I kept missing the whales. We hiked out to the Mendenhall glacier and explored the ice caves. I didn’t even know I was being filmed when I was walking on the glacier! I was pretty scared of falling. But the song is about being scared of the dark and scared of water, so this was apropos. The only bathing I did in those 4 days was in the most beautiful natural hot springs I have ever seen in my life and in several ice cold lakes surrounded by mountains and wilderness. Good thing we weren’t going for glamour. I wrote the song while I was an artist in residence at Hewnoaks artist colony in Lovell, Maine, where I stayed in a little cabin by myself and swam fleetingly in the giant, beautiful and weirdly scary lake. The rain sounds are from that original recording. My partner, Todd, had brought his camera along on our trip with a hope to make a video but the process was more about documentation than anything else. Same goes for my songs and recordings, I consider them documents of moments in time. 

Video by Todd Chandler
Drone cinematography by Tod Seelie 
Thanks to Jeff Stark, Nathan Austin and Danielle Isadora  Shot on location in Juneau, Alaska, and aboard the G. Mosey in the Alaskan Inside Passage

Consequence of Sound has the premiere - we chat about my fear of the dark and some more! Check it out here.

- Mirah