Non-Techno for Techno fans.

Moods is a community resource, archive, and mix series by Techno fans where they explore their tastes, influences, and inspirations outside of the genre. It's a place to hear where people came from and explain why that matters.

I'm Daniel, where I often go as Endash when I'm playing or producing shows from Detroit to NYC. I love techno, I love its community, and I love supporting it - but too often I and others forget about everything else. We don't give each other enough time to hear how other genres inform who we are, how we listen, what we like, and why others like it too.

Moods began as a way to fix that. Once a month, I'm inviting techno fans, supporters, producers, DJs, promoters, event managers, booking agents, and record label owners to highlight an hour of music they love outside of techno. What did they listen to when they grew up? What led them to techno? What's their pre-ki warm up ki? These sets will give each Mood maker a chance to celebrate touchstones in sound from jazz to reggae to dupstep to rap. Sometimes you'll know who they are, sometimes you won't, so hopefully we all learn some things along the way.

You're welcome to help pay and pave the way by giving $1, $4, or $20 a month for early access, discounts, and guest list for porties. This money goes to each artist, who gets paid $35 for participating in Moods. They can then decide to either keep the amount or donate it to a local music nonprofit or charity. The rest of the money helps us make ****new merch****, host events, and pay for a Soundcloud subscription.

Deal? More like steal! Join today to support the artists, genre, and community we love and need.

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  • Moods is moving ..... sneak peak (!!!)

    To all my frands: You likely saw this week that Drip is slowly coming to a close. Which is exciting for us in many ways—Drip was the...
  • Moods 20: Cara Daley

    Happy August bbs :) our Moods mix for this final hot month is a cooldown session by Cara Daley (@ cdaley (
  • Moods 19: Jasen Loveland

    Hi summer sweet peaches <3 July's Moods Mix is a prescription from the master doctor himself, Jasen Loveland (...
  • Recommended Mood 05: RuPaul's "Supermodel"

    Soooo, June's recent mix by Nacy Kim and Erin Keeffe includes the iconic video for RuPaul's "Supermodel" from 1993. It watches in mostly...
  • Moods 18: Nancy Kim and Erin Keeffe

    Summer is here! And the winds are warm :) We have the perfect June match with this month's mix by the (THE) techno power duo, Nancy Kim (...
  • Moods Fam: M Parent (live) with Roman Flugel + moreee

    Bbs! Our Moods mixxer for this month ( ) M Parent just announced a new live gig with...
  • Moods 16: M Parent

    Henlo <3 May 2019's Moods mix is from the bb Matt Parent (@ m-parent ( )), the cunning connoisseur of...
  • Recommended Mood 04: Maneater mixes

    Hello late April bbs :) my recommended Mood before May sneaks up on us are these six brilliant Maneater mixes—the incredible series run...
  • Moods 16: kels

    Henlo :) It's SPRING now (March is always a plot twist and just an extra winter month, right?) so we've got a warm, wavy, werqout mix...
  • Moods Fam: Corine Vermeulen's exhibition in Detroit

    A quick shoutout to this month's Moods Mix Mastermind, Corine Vermeulen. Her brilliant new work in the show Kodak and the Comet is on...
  • Moods 15: Corine Vermeulen

    Hi springtime bbs <3 this March 2019 mix is by Corine Vermeulen (@ AVIPHAUNA ( )), a visual artist...
  • Moods On: Support Systems

    A topic that was mentioned in this month's Moods mix by maestro Icarus Redux ( )was...
  • Moods 14: Icarus Redux

    Happy February, bbs. Jan flew by, right? Or did it drag on? It somehow feels both of those to me. Cold and long but thankful we're...
  • Moods Fam: Unter

    If y'all are looking for a Saturday night bonanza, Anne Lacy's (hear her mix here ( ))...
  • Moods 13: Anne Lacy

    WOW. Good morning, good evening, good new year. Moods is starting 2019 STRONG with Anne Lacy, the archangelic operator of NYC's techno...
  • 2NITE !!!!!!!!! Moods Presents: Jazz to Techno

    Tonight we get silly. Come to Beverly's from 6-whenever to celebrate the end of the year and a year of Moods. I love you!! ~~~te...
  • Moods 12: Max Ellington

    My bbs :) Have we all already cuddled up as the season turns inward to our fireplaces, sofas, and beds? Looking out the window longingly...
  • Moods Fam: V headlining 11/16

    AYO Paying attention to the growing Moods family means supporting when we have gigs. So --- catch V (and Fabi0la!!) playing Friday...
  • Moods 11: V

    Mi friends: hello to another strong month of work, play, and candle lighting. It's November, so we all need this month's set to be warm...
  • Recommended Mood 03

    Thanks to the brilliant Moods mixxxxxer Tessa Beck ( ), we've got the strong...
  • Moods 10: Tessa Beck

    Heiiiiiiii! Happy happy October ~ seasons are shifting, and we’ve got a crisp and calm mix to match. This month’s reigns are led by...
  • Moods 09: Andrew Barren

    Helllllo mi lads and mi ladies. It's September, and we're hitting the final stretch of summer where, at some miraculous point, we might...
  • Moods 08: Miguel Senquiz

    Hiiiii ~ August's mix is here just in time for the warm weekend. We've given the monthly reigns over to Miguel Senquiz (...
  • Moods on: the Underground

    Yer monthly's Mood Mixer, Picture Lock ( )(Jordan Stanton -- not actually pictured lol),...
  • Moods 07: Picture Lock

    How are we all? Do we all have AC at home? If not, find a friend and share an ice cream this weekend. We all deserve it, yikes. I'm...
  • Moods 06: Emily McGill

    Hi hi hi -- new Moods mix has us swinging right back into the groove of things. A gentle reminder that Merch is still available with...
  • !! MOODS MERCH !!

    Bbs, it’s time. These jerseys have been months in the making, and I’m stoked to show you our recent shots for the merch. Click here (...
  • Moods Invite 01

    HAI WE TRYIN SOMETHING NEW Our May resident Khlonez is inviting the DJ collective Seraphine to do an invited pop up mix for all tiers...
  • Moods 05: Khlonez

    Haiiiiiii. How are you? How's your spring been? More Vitamin D and sleep I hope. I've been looking for a good moment to pause and let...
  • Moods Brunch

    My bbs, it is time for our second event: a BRUNCH. Come munch! April 29 @ 113 11am - 3pm 113 Franklin St, Brooklyn NY For y'all Drip...
  • Moods 04: Noetry

    Hello hello hello again my friends, my family, and my "fans" (aka my family -- hi Mom!!!!). It's April yet again, which means longer days...
  • 4 the 1s

    This is for my $1 bbs! The rest of y'all can delete this quick and let your inbox rest a little more easy. Did ya know that by mid month...
  • Moods On: Acid House

    Something new in the air for you bbs ~ "Moods On" will be an option for featured Moods mix masters to highlight and elevate a specific...
  • Moods 03: fabi0la

    My lads and my ladies: it is time for spring. For the American Northwest and Northeast, the Appalachians, and the Great Lakes region, it...
  • Recommended Mood 02

    "When you call someone else's daughter a whore, do you know what will become of yours?" Oumou Sangaré's video for the track "Kamelemba"...
  • Moods 02: Tabby

    Happy happy February bbs -- hope everyone's well rested after Moods on Tuesday and for the month of love (don't forget Valentine's day is...
  • Moods on Tuesday: SETS and RECAP

    <3<3<3<3 Beyond an honor -- the two words that come to mind after having the chance to play at Bossa with some of my best...
  • Moods on Tuesdays

    TO WHOMST IT MAY CONSERNST: Moods is having a huge moment: in exactly one week on January 23, we'll be hosting an entire night of Techno...
  • Moods 01: Lavici

    Y'all!!! Welcome back to Moods, your monthly install of non-Techno mixed by techno fans. A second warm welcome to the new year too, and...
  • Gratitude, warmth, hope

    Whoa + wow. The outpouring of support and love I’ve received from all of you is beyond humbling. Our work in the creative world is...
  • Moods 00: Endash

    This first mix is free and by yours truly. <3 For my Moods, I’m focusing in on the iTunes as a gateway to music: besides my dad’s...
  • Recommended Mood 01

    Bibio's latest release Phantom Fireworks (2017) is a huge mood for the coming winter doldrums. Sometimes a plucky, perky producer of...
  • Ya Boy And His Baseball Jerseys

    BBs! What are our thoughts on a baseball tee for Moods? My thinking is, collectively, we get: -baseball tees (but that aren't as...