2NITE !!!!!!!!! Moods Presents: Jazz to Techno

Published on 2018-12-16

Tonight we get silly.

Come to Beverly's from 6-whenever to celebrate the end of the year and a year of Moods. I love you!!

~~~te lineup

Olive T (New York) is a polymath, wizard, teacher, and pathfinder. Her work's been heard at Large Marge, Nowadays, Elsewhere, Sutherland/Three Dollar Bill, and Magick City.

DJ Sanna (Brooklyn) is a curator and DJ. She's performed as a DJ and programmed music at multiple venues across Europe and North America, including MoMA PS1, Red Light Radio, Salon des Amateurs, and Good Room. Sanna has two monthly online radio shows (The Lot Radio and Half Moon), and is also the curator of Satellite, a monthly music series for experimental music at e-flux's Bar Laika.

Endash (Brooklyn/Detroit) is a DJ and musician. He's self-released three EPs (Cyclical Tendencies or Round and Around, Damp, and a 2014 self-titled release) and was the former president of the MEMCO, a collective of DJs in Southeast Michigan that prioritizes DJ lessons and booking young talent. He is the current curator of Moods, a monthly mix series and community resource of non-techno mixed by techno fans.

~~~te venue

Beverly's is an artist-run bar and curatorial experiment on Essex Street. They support communities who exist at the intersection of the visual arts, music, and nightlife, and have the best staff in NYC.

On view during the event will be Zoë Claire Miller and Juliana Cerqueira Leite’s Garden. This new site-specific installation continues the duo’s international collaboration. For Beverly’s, Miller and Leite have transformed the bar into a lush herbal garden with sculptural planters for medicinal herbs, wall-hangings, scents, grow-lights, and recipes to cure and aid women’s issues.

~~~te cost

There is a suggested donation of $5-$10 that will go to the Lower East Side Girl's Club, whose Sound Studio teaches girls radio production, DJing, and music software. To learn more and volunteer, head here.

~~~te rules

absolutely no homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, or ageism. This party prioritizes minorities, but is open to any and all who respect the ground rules and play accordingly. It's about dancing, laughing, and learning xxx