Moods 00: Endash

Published on 2017-12-13

This first mix is free and by yours truly. <3

For my Moods, I’m focusing in on the iTunes as a gateway to music: besides my dad’s fusion, my mom’s Phil Collins, and my brother’s Linkin Park and Eiffel 65, our dial-up connection to the iTunes Store was the only way I could sonically venture outdoors. Growing up quiet and introverted in Ada, Michigan — a middle-class, white-picket Michigan suburb where the Devos family decided to buy a dozen acres, build two mansions, and fly their personal helicopter over my room — meant the 30 second iTunes Store song previews were my access to things like “jazz,” “R&B,” or my favorite, “electronic.” As such, my music education wasn’t in school, it was in the iTunes Store, from Duke Ellington to Janet Jackson to Röyksopp. In fact, the first song I ever bought is the last song on my mix. It’s by Onra, a French-Vietnamese producer known for taking Chinese records and layering them with hip hop rhythms and crisp French production. The song, “My Comet,” is the highest played song on my iTunes. The rest are listed below -- they were selected because they had the most plays in my iTunes and feel the most sentimental to my upbringing on the internet. If you like any of them, find them on your local iTunes to pick them up.


TO LISTEN, head here bbs.



Onra - Mai's Theme 2

Flying Lotus ft Erykah Badu - See Thru To U

Shlomo - My Drum Loop Is Stuck In Molasses

SZA - Advil

Bent - Beautiful Otherness

Joomanji ft Lindsay Olsen - Spread Too Thin (Remastered)

Siriusmo - Last Dear

Jessy Lanza - Keep Moving

Tiger & Woods - T&W Lab File #12

Daft Punk - High Fidelity

Suzanne Kraft - Morning Come

Les Sins - Taken

Bonobo ft Bajka - Days To Come

The Internet ft James Fauntleroy - For the World

Onra - My Comet



The album artwork is paired with Fu Baoshi's Abundance on the Way from 1961. It hints at the space in which I existed in as a child: in a forested suburb using technology as a way to connect to more. To learn more about Fu, head to