Moods 04: Noetry

Published on 2018-04-06

Hello hello hello again my friends, my family, and my "fans" (aka my family -- hi Mom!!!!). It's April yet again, which means longer days and actual warm sunlight (maybe). We've got just the Mood to match the inner yearning for light and growth, and it's none other than Noetry, an experimental percussionist, visual designer, techno producer, and all-around sunlight beam from the fifth dimension.

Noetry has gone by many names: Dominic Vetuschi (their given name), Parekeet (for visual, experimental, and techno ventures from 2012-2017), and now Noetry for 2018 and beyond. I've known them for years as a close friend and collaborator in a STOMP-esque band from Ann Arbor, Michigan (here), where we built universes of sound out of everyday items, like a row of ladders and recycling buckets to a cover of a Bibio song using hedge clippers, brooms, and more to a song that casted shadows of bodies onto a theater scrim against a melting rainbow backdrop.

They've also been confidant, heartbreaker, and heartmender, taking the time to learn, grow, and move into stronger versions of themselves. Their roots in slow San Diego, family-centered Michigan, and time spent on pan-US bike trips help inform a lot of the choices here. The single thread, even when we're seamlessly moving from jazz to ambient to the Caribbean, is strong sense of community and support evident in the songs Vetuschi has picked. Many are bands, if not full orchestras, that invite the listener into a world, whether it's for a moment, for a drink, for a smoke, or for a laugh.

Just one example: "Buena Vista Social Club was often playing in my house growing up," they explain, "when my family was cooking, [or] when it was time to dance." The song meant an invitation into community, whether it's Vetuschi's father taking out his flamenco guitar, relatives are coming over, or just having the sun shine. "Certainly my taste for music craves a certain liveliness," they continue, "something organic that encourages movement and looseness."  Hopefully you find movement in these songs too :)


You know what to do <3


Ballade 4, Pt. 1 - Tosca

In the Waiting Line - Zero 7  

Mandala - Thievery Corporation

Chan Chan - Buena Vista Social Club

Peg - Steely Dan

The Dance #3 - Laraaji

Strangest Consequences - Enrico Pieranunzi

Killing Floor - Howlin’ Wolf

Trampled Under Foot - Led Zeppelin

Space Age Utopia - Vinyl Williams

2am - Slightly Stoopid

Walk in the Sky - Bonobo

Return of Yawny - Andrew Bird

Potion - CHON

Egypt - The Mercury Program

Cavity (Shigeto Remix) - Hundred Waters


This month's pairing was by Vetuschi themselves: the late and legendary Mati Klarwein may be an outsider to the art world but an insider legend to the music world. Mati's images build bridges that bring far-flung methods and movements together: neo-Surrealism, Afrofuturism, the psychedelic rock culture of the 60s and 70s, and the anti-war/global peace movement. This not only pairs well with the bridging Vetuschi does with their mix, but offers us a moment to think about how artists can find sources of joy and success outside of their own industry. Art and music, as Klarwein's works suggest, are best when they belong together.

To learn more about Mati and see more of his work, head here, or buy this book that collects 52 of his works that appeared on records.

To hear more of Noetry's music and to buy their recent EP (it's amazing), head here.

For more flamenco, Vetuschi recommends the poet Lorca :)