Moods 20: Cara Daley

Published on 2019-08-03

Happy August bbs :) our Moods mix for this final hot month is a cooldown session by Cara Daley (@cdaley), a cultural make-happener via booking agent duties at Liaison Artists. Read below for the tracklist, interview, and art pairing.

Da mix is here.


Jan Jelinek - Moiré (Piano & Organ)
Jim James - States of the Art (A.E.I.O.U)
Golden Daze - Blue Bell
The Warlocks - We Took All the Acid
Stella Donnelly - Allergies
Schoolboy Q - Neva Change (feat. SZA)
CAN - Yoo Doo Right (3p mix)
Eddie Kendricks - Girl You Need A Change of Mind
2pac + Digital Underground - I Get Around
Bahamadia - Pep Talk
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - She’s Leaving
Hovvdy - Late
Shame - Angie
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Hold that Thought
Pavement - Harness your Hopes (b side)
The Jesus + Mary Chain - War on Peace
Odd Future - Oldie


Daley grew up in the Midwest, moving from Fox Point in Wisconsin to California when she was 18. San Francisco was her home base up until the end of last year, where she’s now based in New York City. The new location sparked her set. “I put these songs together on a rainy Sunday at the end of spring in Brooklyn. It can work for a long summer bike ride, or lying in the park on a hot day.”

And while the mix navigates R&B from SZA to soft rock from Shame to rap from Odd Future, Daley’s love for electronic music isn’t held above other genres. “It’s equally important for me to continue to listen and discover a wide swath of sounds. I love hip hop, psych rock, and indie as electronic music.”

An equity in genres is something we hear on Moods over and over. Techno people love their techno, but genres and sounds outside the club orient and define us just as much. It also equates to Daley’s wish for others into techno to practice empathy—independent of their tastes and lived experience. “In a community that's often based on freedom, love, and release, we so very often forget the struggles and viewpoints of those who surround us. A bit more of an attempt to understand—and check in—with others can go a long way.

“Also... maybe delete Twitter.”


I’ve paired Daley’s set with an Alex Da Corte piece from 2017. Many of Da Corte’s works use soft fabrics, palettes, and lights to build immersive installations that often comfort a viewer. It’s in this way that both works from Da Corte and Daley fit well together for this six-back-and-relax atmosphere.

Daley also donated her $35 payment to We Reclaim Our Pride, an event in Amsterdam during Pride Week. To donate yourself, head here:…_yEkTDCP0fl1RA