Moods Brunch

Published on 2018-04-15

My bbs, it is time for our second event: a BRUNCH. Come munch!

April 29 @ 113

11am - 3pm

113 Franklin St, Brooklyn NY

For y'all Drip subs, we've hooked you up to come for just $5 (if you're bringing a friend, it's $15 for them). This includes tunes, mimosas, eggs, bacon, and literally anything else you want to bring. So grab some bagels, some cream cheese, some chili or some cheese, and sit and relax and chat.

We have a wicked lineup that I am stoked for, including:

Mister Lies: a veteran of chillwave, ambient, and softcore synth-forward house, Mister Lies (Nick Zanca)'s previous releases (Mowgli, Shadow) have quite literally saved my sense of sanity. His newest adventure is with the band Quiet Friend, where they're taking pop, queer culture, and dance to an entirely different plane. Oh, and for Brunch, Nick's doing all-vinyl.

Rushaine is a veteran of soul and hip hop. As the state of New York's been her home for quite some time, her style threads the city's rooted past from the 80s onward. For Moods Brunch, she's debuting a full hour of new ideas, tracks, and tastes for the Moods community, and I cannot wait to hear it.

Endash is playing his first ever ambient set. Buckle up to sit down and stare at the sky.

Noetry was just featured on Moods, our resident intergalactic multidimentional space fairy god. They'll be spinning (from the internet!!) their Moods Mix that'll blanket us with sounds from the West.


These parties, as I'm learning, are a great way for us as a Moods community to connect from URL to IRL. This means saying hi to new and longtime friends, chatting over drinks, and most importantly celebrating music outside of techno. Techno heads (like myself) tend to only see other techno heads at techno parties that techno heads throw -- it's insulated, insular, and often ignores literally every other genre. These are our moments to step outside that box and open us up to a few things :)