Moods Fam: Corine Vermeulen's exhibition in Detroit

Published on 2019-03-28

A quick shoutout to this month's Moods Mix Mastermind, Corine Vermeulen. Her brilliant new work in the show Kodak and the Comet is on view in Detroitat David Klein Gallery with an opening reception this Saturday, March 30th from 6-8pm.

Two new bodies of work are on display: the first are photographs from a recent trip to Medellín, Columbia that investigate insomnia, wires, bodies turned away, and surrealism. The second body of work, like the one up top titled 6P/1037 (Pigment print, 42x42 in, 2018) takes exposed film and chemically treats them with household cleaners to withhold, erase, protect, and blur the locations she shot in Detroit. "I am intervening retrospectively in my own image making, doing something different with the images of the past," she says. "This occurs during a time of ‘revival’ in Detroit when different processes are deployed over the same terrain, interfering with the historical ground.” It opens up the question of: what are we doing to protect the places we know, and how can we better remember, transform, and embellish them before history moves on?

To see all the rad work in person, head here. I suggest buying a piece or two, of course ;)

And to listen to her mix, head here :)