Moods Invite 01

Published on 2018-05-30


Our May resident Khlonez is inviting the DJ collective Seraphine to do an invited pop up mix for all tiers for free :) two hours o' content in one month!

The idea is to give artists featured each month another way to promote who and what they love about the techno community outside just the dancefloor.

Seraphine is an emerging collective based in Detroit that centers inclusivity, education, and equipment support for and by feminists. Marginalized musicians and artists in Detroit have a deep history of supporting one another in face of the city’s gender, racial, and ability discrimination. From the butch ballroom culture to queer-focused spaces like Club Toilet, Seraphine is among many of the reasons why Detroit remains a center for dance, techno, and marginalized culture. Just this fall, Seraphine hosted 16 women, femmes, and non-binary humans and taught them DJ basics and movement, and Khlones expects their power, voice, and strength to only grow. Including emerging DJs like Sophia, NANDI, Cy, khlonez, Tammy Lakkis, Beige, and Hailey, watch their space, book them, and celebrate what they do. 

All goodies are below:

Beige offered us a brilliant heatwave disco mix. To listen, head here.

Another great mix to check out is Tammy Lakkis's sleek vinyl set to simmer you down.

Learn all about out Seraphine's staple event, the BFF Fest, and buy their zines and mixtapes.

Lastly, give them a follow on Instagram and Soundcloud to learn about upcoming events and how to join ;)