Published on 2018-06-01

Bbs, it’s time.

These jerseys have been months in the making, and I’m stoked to show you our recent shots for the merch.

Click here to preorder :)

Some thank-yous are in order: to my lookbook models (and my friends) Nafeesa, Caitlin, Brittnay and Miguel; to the incredible photographer and coworker Lauren Renner (insta: @lrennerstudio), and to all visual cues and inspiration Corine Vermeulen (insta: @corine_vermeulen), to Kickstarter for letting us use yer roof, and to y'all for sticking along for the ride and being part of our growing family :)

This jersey is a limited edition of 35 with 5 artist proofs from small to extra large. It’s a black stretch mesh with a single white line along the neck and down the front. The collar is flat with clear buttons down the front and the Moods logos screen printed on the back. They run pretty big (that’s the way I like 'em), so if you want a tighter fit go down a full size. Estimated ship out late June. Mood subscribers get $5 and $12 discounts if you subscribe for a buck or four a month respectively. Current $20 subscribers just pay shipping ;)

I've emailed yer discount codes already, and if you're a new member, welcome and I'll send you one shortly.

If you got any other q’s, just comment below.