Recommended Mood 02

Published on 2018-02-16

"When you call someone else's daughter a whore, do you know what will become of yours?"

Oumou Sangaré's video for the track "Kamelemba" (which appears on Tabby's Moods mix this month) offers us a glimpse into a female-first Mali. Known to some Westerners as a frictious battleground between Muslim and Christian West Africans (or just simply unknown), Sangaré's vocals aim to question her country of origin's patriarchal value system on both sides of the table -- and her music video breathtakingly reinforces it.

Set among scenes of rooftops, parking garages, cool hues and coming storms, six women twist around each other in slow spirals of movement. Sometimes coming together, sometimes falling apart, their movements aim to reinforce each other, whether it's a woman holding another as she falls back or a group of three inching closer to the camera with militaristic intensity. They're a pack in solidarity, owning the space and time they take up while staring directly into the viewer's eyes. The result: bold choreography, rich textures, and an overwhelming intention to question systems of patriarchy that Sangré is ushering away.

It's a huge mood to channel for the month and beyond -- a feeling for a new future just on the horizon.

Check the video out here, and to listen to Tabby's mix (again or for the first time), head here.