Recommended Mood 04: Maneater mixes

Published on 2019-04-30

Hello late April bbs :) my recommended Mood before May sneaks up on us are these six brilliant Maneater mixes—the incredible series run by this month's Mix Master Kels Davidson. Tune in below:

Livwutang — full force, full fire, fast and furious. Absolutely not to be missed mix.

fabi0la — a Moods alum moving from a plush sit-down mood to dancefloor heat by the end.

kevinmcq — a lush house and disco mix from this Detroit-based DJ whose sets are rare to come by (so this is, naturally, a treat).

BPasta — wobbly techno, trance, and French beats all in one from the mastermind herself.

Bale Defoe — like a warm spring shower, Bale's jazz-tinged house set is perfect for sunset moments.

Etta — this mix is a full course meal. Acid house, Detroit techno, vaporwave, synth house, you name it—it's here.