Follow the final chapters of development of your new favorite game LOST EMBER

‏ The Team We are Tobias, Pascal, Matthias, Max and Sinikka and we're trying to make and publish an awesome game for you! While doing so, we struggle, sweat and laugh a lot and we'd like to share that bonkers experience with you guys. Watch us be idiots and indies and professionals at the same time. Hold our hands, cheer with us and also, send pandas when we're down. ‏IT'S PAIN. IT'S FUN. IT'S GAME DEV. JOIN THE TEAM. ‏ The Project Lost Ember is a narrative-driven exploration adventure in a beautiful nature setting, letting the player uncover the secrets of a sunken civilization through a spirit companion. You are playing a wolf with a unique ability - You can possess any animal you encounter throughout your journey. There will be over a dozen completely different animals to play, in the air, the water and even underground. Lost Ember is going to release in Fall of 2018 on PS4, XBox One and PC. There will also be a VR mode. Find the teaser trailer in the pinned post, if you haven't seen it yet! Pre-order and more info is available at Thank you so much for your support and interest in Lost Ember! You are beautiful! ‏ ‏‏

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