Here's to our awesome Kickstarter backers, who are already part of the team!

Published on 2017-11-13

Thanks to you guys, we are able to make a game. You're giving us the opportunity to make the game we want to make. And you're quite frequently letting us know how much you're looking forward to playing it, which is the biggest motivator. You are already part of our team and we hope you don't mind that we're trying to take more people on board through Kickstarter's newborn sister Drip.
As you know we are still exploring different ways of covering the remaining costs of developing and self-publishing Lost Ember. When the lovely guys and gals from Kickstarter asked if we wanted to join the beta for Drip, there was no way we could have said no, right? So here we are and so are you, as we can see ;) Awesome! Have fun!

We love you!