Monster of the Week II

Published on 2017-11-10

The Mysterious Mind of the Max

This week, I thought I'd follow Max around. Well, I don't actually have to move to do so as he's sitting right next to me.
Among other things, Max finished the human concepts and the concepts for the last couple of remaining animals - the eagle, wombat, duck family, sloth and tortoise.
And here is my main observation: Max's brain in working in weird ways. I see him looking for inspiration and he's looking at butt-ugly animals on the internet, then he starts drawing and the result is drop dead cute every single time. I have yet to understand what happens in between.
Anyway, they all look awesome and I can't wait for them to be playable, which will take a while unfortunately.
You know the deal, I'm trying not to spoil the game for you, so here's Max and a wombat's butt for you:

That was the monster of the week. As for the rest of the team, here are a couple of things we worked on the last two weeks:
We put quite some work into controls and camera again and will probably continue to do so for a while ;). We had another story session and are quite close to a final version of our story. Tobi made an "environment awareness" system, that is basically a bunch of super long invisible feelers to detect obstacles all around the character so as to predict what animations need to be triggered next. We nailed down the visuals of presenting the memories. And we successfully tested out some ideas about the mole digging behavior, that make him so much more fun to play.

That's it folks,
Cheers and until next time,