Monster of the Week XVI - Very slow racers

Published on 2018-10-17

 Hey you guys!

I’m sorry it’s been so long. I think the whole gamescom thing may have disrupted my flow, or maybe we were just so busy, or… To be honest, I’m not entirely sure, but I’m sorry. I’ll be better. So, let’s see, the things we’ve been doing… 

Well, we played through the entire game the other day and it wasn’t too bad :D We played the tortoise for the first time! She's so cute! But let’s say, she’s not going to be your first choice for long distance travels. I hope we can put the sloth in soon, so we can find out who would win a race. We are currently working on a new feature that will strengthen the relationship between Wolf and her companion. It’s only half done, but we already like it a lot. Other than that, well, the usual, I guess. Still putting some love into controls and camera, filling the world with more life. Once in a while we add a new random little thing to do for some animals. For example feeding or lying down. And here’s one thing we don’t have to spend time on anymore: Hunting funding! We told you some time ago that we still needed to look for a bit more funding, right? We managed to secure the funding and are now worry-free and very happy.

So much for now. I promise I’ll do my best to write more frequently again! Talk to you soon.

Hugs and Kisses,