Climate change is a man-made problem - with a feminist solution. Mary Robinson & Maeve Higgins' are back with Series 2 continuing to celebrate the work of women who are fighting for climate justice.

In response to the urgent need for populations to hold their governments to account over the Paris agreements, this  solutions-focused podcast series is here to spread the word and light a fire under as broad an audience as possible.      

In Season II, the show moves to New York to take a closer look at how new feminist leaders in U.S. politics are influencing climate justice, while continuing to unearth stories of ingenuity across the Global South. The show follows the progress of major cities, as mayors adopt the responsibilities of presidents; explores how climate justice movements are influenced by faith; and learns about the impact of climate change on migration, new economic models, fashion and more.

In Season I, Robinson framed the discussion around climate action saying, “We're in a bumpy time, with a lot of a nationalism; a lot of politics is going the wrong direction. What the IPCC reporters said, ‘This is global now.’ We all have to stay at 1.5 degrees. That is going to be a huge moonshot approach. It's like John Kennedy saying, ‘we have to reach the moon,’ and doing it in eight years. They did, and that was incredible. We need a moonshot approach now. Not business as usual.”

Our team's mission is to continue elevating the stories of each Mother featured in every episode, amplifying the vital, inspiring work of each woman who joins the movement. The podcast will become a vehicle to extend our contributors’ work, connecting them to Mary and to key supporters. Our strategic comms then extends and leverages the Mothers’ stories, driving audiences to take action and get behind their causes. 

We ask them what their work needs, and then seed those calls to action to our audiences. With over 54,000 subscribers and growing since we first launched in July 2018, we want to continue the cause, right here - by asking you to support us as we work hard to elevate and amplify the mothers' voices. 

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