Hilton, 2015

Published on 2017-12-01

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

How do you identify?

"I identify as a gay man but I also really like people who are trying to get rid of traditional gender ideas, so if you want to just call me a gay person, a queer person, or just a person, all of that’s fine. I do identify as a man just because I like being a man. I like being a boy. But I’m also fine not being called a man. You can even call me a woman. I don’t care. I think the strongest way for me to get rid of gender is to just not really subscribe to it."

Have you ever been in love?

"I don’t know. I have this idea that once you fall in love it’s like the best thing ever and your whole life is changed and I haven’t had a feeling for someone that’s changed my life and made me realize there’s magic in the world. I do believe there is magic in the world but not just because of romantic love. I think I was in love with my friend from high school, Sam. Hello Sam if you’re out there. Now you know! He’s the one I made-out with in Truth Or Dare and he’s kind of a lumberjack. He leads canoe trips in Alaska now. One time he was with us, with my family on vacation in Florida and I hugged him and just came."

What do you think the future holds for gay people in America?

"I really think that gay people in America won’t even be a phrase people say, hopefully within the next few decades. I think that there’s been some huge turn-around in terms of attitudes just in the last five years. Like when I was in high school being gay was not cool, like not really acceptable. I was afraid to be gay. Now, I feel like I wouldn’t be and maybe that’s just because where I am in my life but I feel like people in high school who are gay now are like cool. It’s almost cool to be gay. It’s like a fad right now. So I think in another decade or two its just going to be irrelevant. It’s like “Your gay? Oh. Your straight? Oh." So I think it’s going to become a non-issue. That’s what I want to happen, and that’s what I think is going to happen."