Liz, 2010

Published on 2017-11-15

From Middlebury, VT

Tell me about an average day in your life.

“Wake up, go to school, get harassed by lesbians on campus, hang-out with my girl-friend, ride my horse, yell “Queer Nation!” at straight people and sorority bitties."

What music do you listen to?

"I swing Dance. I love Twenties music. I love hip-hop and everything in between.”

Do you feel different from your straight friends?

“Yes. There is a fundamental thing that they don’t understand about me. I definitely have a big disconnect with some of my straight friends. Also, there is a part of it where they really can’t understand and even for some hetero-normative looking queers there is a huge disconnect between the different things we face. I’ve had experiences where I’ve been walking down the street and been called “dyke” or had “fuck you homo!” yelled at me where as hetero-normative people haven’t experienced that just because they don’t look the part.”