Patrick, 2010

Published on 2017-11-14

From Glastonbury, CT

Tell me about an average day in your life.
"After class it's basketball, basketball, basketball, every night."

When did you realize you were queer?
I realized I was gay from a young age, maybe when I was in the 9th grade. I realized I was "queer" this year, actually. I view those two things as very different. I like "queer" a lot more. I feel like it's a more confrontational identity that's necessary when you are in such a marginalized position. It's got a tough attitude about it that I like. "Gay" is really "nice" and "friendly" and, you know, you’re friends with all the really nice girls and you look pretty and wear your v-neck sweaters and you want to maintain your privilege. You don't want to step on anyone’s toes and you don't want to be in your face. Queer is in your face and tough and calling people out and not being afraid to speak your mind and that's more me, more of what I’m about. I like ‘queer’. I am queer."