I am making Maps and Tiles for your Virtual Tabletop Games (VTT)! Highly Detailed Modular Tile Sets, Pre-Built Encounter Maps, and City Maps are my work and passion!

Thank you for supporting Independent Artists like myself!

     My name is Alfred, though most people know me as Meditating Munky. It  is my passion to create maps used for TTRPG gaming! Most of what I  design is Overhead Top Down View Encounter Maps used for Virtual Table Tops. I also make City Maps and World  Maps and the resources for you to create your own as well. Really anything RPG related sparks my creativity, from Fantasy to Sci-fi and all the Steamy Shadow Punkery in-between, but mainly your traditional Fantasy. 

   Things I will be offering to you on Drip is instant access to newly created Maps and Tile Sets, as well as access to my Discord Server designed for engagement with my fans. Oh and A slew of Maps! The different Tiers will contain different items you can get from me at an affordable price. 

  • NEW Modular Tile Sets! I plan to release at least one new set per month! Also, inside my discord server, I will be discussing  the next months Tile set with the entire community! 
  • Weekly Random Encounter Maps! I will be creating one NEW map weekly LIVE on Twitch Stream every Map Monday! Afterwards, I will post the new creation on Drip!
  • Access to my Discord Server!

Of course, if you are interested in a Commissioned Tile Set or Map, you should check out my  Website. Also you can find out about Commercial Usage from there as well!

Thank You for your Support!

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