Published on 2018-06-25

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my d.rip page.

This is the place for people who believe in my work and want to help support it.

I've been asked a lot if there is a way to support my work financially, and until now I haven't felt there was a very good way to do that. With Drip—especially because it is owned by Kickstarter, which I use quite a bit for projects—I now have a place to send people.

Beyond covering the logistics of financial support, I think there may be other positives about using Drip and I'm excited to explore them. I'm thinking this might be a nice, small and semi-private place where I can share a little more of my process than I typically would publicly. I'm also curious about sharing drafts and demos here—again, something I usually just keep to myself until the song/book is "finished."

I'm open to ideas, so please send them along if you have them!

More to come...