Moving to yet another Crowdfunding site

Published on 2019-08-14

You may have seen my recent facebook post or had an email from Kickstarter that says that the Drip platform is going to be closed down at the end of October.

They said that they were looking at opportunities to move people over in bulk to another platform but I haven't heard anything so I thought I would get that ball rolling. Plus it gave me the opportunity to mashup a gag from Ghostbusters :D

The platform that I'm recommending people move to is Ko-Fi as, for what I do, it is better than both Patreon and Drip.

All the pledge level remain the same with regards to the rewards.

One off and recurring pledges are processed by the Swipe payment processor which takes a smaller cut than either of the other funding platforms and there is no longer any VAT to pay so a £2 pledge will cost you £2 instead of £2.40.  

Not only will it cost you less, it leaves me with more at the end of the day. A £1 pledge on here costs you £1.20 of which I get just 61p, almost half of what you donate gets swallowed up in various fees and tax. On Ko-Fi a £1 pledge costs you £1 and I get to keep 78p of it.

Thank your for your support and enthusiasm in joining me on Drip and I hope that I won't need to do a shift like this again for the foreseeable future.

Oliver Facey on Ko-Fi