Together, we will commission new performance works, along with artist-driven, content-rich publishing featuring ideas, research, stories, and conversations that are the foundation of our practice.

Los Angeles Performance Practice is a non-profit organization devoted to the production and presentation of contemporary performance by artists whose work advances and challenges multi-disciplinary artistic practices.  

/// Our mission is to support a unique and diverse constellation of artists and audiences through the active creation and presentation of groundbreaking experiences that use innovative approaches to collaboration, technology and social engagement. Anchored in Los Angeles, our artists and projects have national and global reach. ///

Since 2010, the creation of new performance has been at the core of everything we do. From workshops for artists, to our annual Los Angeles Exchange [LAX] Festival, we are in the business of leveraging pennies in service of the exploration of big ideas.   The artists we choose are at the forefront of performance, using innovative approaches to collaboration, technology and social engagement to impact not only our perceptions of performance, but to shift our understanding of the world around us.   

We invite you to join in advancing artistic practices that are deeply considered, resulting in works that confront, map, perform and process the issues of our times. We want American stages (and spaces) to reflect this particular moment. To support diverse perspectives on contemporary art making. And to engage artists who can lead us into the future.

Our drip members are part of our team, making it possible for us to : 

— Advance the work of artists and commission new performances; 

— Make essential early investments in projects that can yield greater support; 

— Pilot new concepts through developmental residencies;  

— Enlist partners in larger organizations across the U.S., and internationally; and 

— Commission and create an editorial record of the work, in print and online.    


In addition to funding the creation of new performance, we will commission writing by artists about their source material, their lines of inquiry, points of curiosity, daily concerns or moments of wonder. This writing will be available online via drip, as well as in an annual print catalogue documenting each year of goodness.   Drip members will have exclusive access to monthly bits of inspiration from each commissioned artist: photographs, poetry, videos, and research material driving the creative process.   Some members will even receive a quarterly journal of their own, to log thoughts, ideas, process, and practice. The larger idea becomes a container for ideas themselves, and an exchange of thought and practice between our community of support (which is sure to include artists and creative thinkers) and the artists benefiting from the funds.

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