Our first commission!

Published on 2017-12-15

This year, for the first time, we pledged commissioning support toward a new performance.

Milka Djordjevich's ANTHEM is co-commissioned by The Chocolate Factory Theater in New York, and premiered as part of our Los Angeles Exchange [LAX] Festival in October.

While our contribution to the project was modest, it felt sooooo great to be able to put a little extra resource toward a project we really believe needs to be in the world. We're hoping, with your support, drip will allow us to support more work by artists in Los Angeles and New York, and maybe other places. We'll support work that wouldn't otherwise be funded, by a diverse range of artists, all who are driven by deep inquiry.

A little bit more about ANTHEM //

“Form generates power: power to rise above, power to hold ground. ANTHEM, a dance for four women by Milka Djordjevich, builds upon units of social and folk dance moves via a rubix cube-like spatial logic. Layers of repeated forms shift the bodies up gear. There is a new groove made here—a groove made by commitment and giving no-fucks, a groove for women to ride rough, to represent, to feel themselves.” – riting.la

Questioning contemporary dance’s predisposition towards neutrality, authenticity and the de-sexualization of the female body, ANTHEM embraces theatricality, virtuosity and sass. The work weaves together existing and imagined vernacular dance styles to explore labor, play, and feminine-posturing. Four women execute a repetitive yet complex movement vocabulary that evolves as they rotate hypnotically within the confines of a square. Over time, the meditative rigor of their steps dissolves into a tangle of commotion, blurring the distinction between the mundane and the glamorous.

ANTHEM can next be seen at The Chocolate Factory, May 16-26, 2018.