THE AUTHORS is creating POKEY THE PENGUIN, a comic about fun and learning in the Arctic Circle.

It's me, THE AUTHORS of Pokey the Penguin!!  I've got a DRIP.  And I'd appreciate it so much if you could pitch in a buck or two to support me in writing more Pokey adventures.  You can do it!

(What's this about, you ask?  It's about POKEY THE PENGUIN!!!)

It's a blast to be able to tell these stories about Pokey, his little sister, Mr. Nutty, Skeptopotamus, and everyone else peripherally involved in the fun and learning.

When you support my drip, it fuels me like nothing else to write and post more adventures.  And hey, some day, I'll be able to spend less time doing dumb everyday stuff and more time writing Pokey comics!  That's the dream, anyway.

Support Pokey and you're bringing laughter, fun, and learning to the world.  Maybe even peace.  Maybe transcendence.  Maybe even the onset of a new paradigm.

WHO CAN SAY???  Only you.

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