Come fry with me (to Patreon)

Published on 2019-06-27

Hello my beloved supporters, 

Thank you for joining me on this pilot program on Drip. Unfortunately, XOXO decided to cancel their partnership with Kickstarter to build a new version of Drip. You can read more about that on their blog. I found out a day before it was announced, so I've taken some time to explore my options.

What does that mean for us?

  • Drip will be discontinued in October 2019.
  • I need to fulfill your missing salt mailings!
  • I'm moving to Patreon!

I will be honoring salt subscriptions as far as you are signed up on here (anticipate some big catch-up and advanced packages!). So if you cancel now, I will send salt I owe you up to June. I'll send reminders about the change again next month. One lesson I've learned that I don't have the capacity to mail things on a monthly basis. It's mostly a time management thing and it costs WAYYYYY more than I realized. 

If you like what I do, please consider making the switch to Patreon.

  • I have a sign-up special for the inconvenience this has caused! Join my Patreon in July and get a pixel art EGGIE sticker in the mail. My friend Rachelle Viola aka dr!p is helping me out (coincidence and no relation!).
  • Patreon charges upon sign up and on the first of the month, so your best bet is to sign up on MONDAY, JULY 1.
  • There is no $0 tier on Patreon, but you can still "Follow" creators if money is tight for you right now. 
  • It will take me a while to migrate all of our SNACK recipes to Patreon, but you will get emails for the new recipes starting on Monday. Just click on the SNACK tag on the left-hand column to visit the archive as it updates.
  • If you haven't downloaded CHEEZINE, my digital cheese guide yet, it will also be filed under the CHEESEHEAD tag on the left, too.
  • I've kept all the tiers mostly the same but eliminated the salt mailings and bought the prices down for SPEAKEASY and SAVORY.
  • SNACK tiers will be getting 4 recipes a month vs. 1 recipe a week. 

I learned a lot about what I'd like to be doing with my life and it's really exciting to keep it going. I'm very grateful to Kickstarter, Drip and you founding members.

Questions? I'm at

And if you don't want to use Patreon, I totes get it! 

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