SUP November 2018

Published on 2018-11-10

Hey friends! Welcome to my SUP newsletter. It's a monthly hit list of what I'm up to.


Randwiches: Sam & Zeph's Already Married Picnic

Wine Enthusiast: Instant Pot French Dip

Medium: How to Cook with Cheese

Uses This: A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.

Everything is eventually added to my portfolio.


Kickstarter: Chef Jenn de la Vega on Starting Her Own Catering Business

Facts N' Cheese: Ep. 1 Welcome Back!

Jumprope: How to Make Graham Cracker Toffee


Since it's getting cold and I won't have as many pop ups, I wanted to offer more ways for you to cook with me. I started a Facebook group called Randwiches Lab where I post what is available from my recipe testing and I can deliver it. You can Venmo or Paypal me what you wish. Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick are the easiest for me but I can try to figure something out with you if you message me. Join here on Facebook!

I will also offer intimate cooking classes in my home. They'll be posted on the Drip DIBS tier first and then I'll open it up to the FB group after a few days. I live where the BQE meets McGolrick Park (or near Brooklyn Steel). 

It's limited to 5 slots (fast fingers!) and it's collaborative. I'll share the ingredient list and you can pick and item to bring as your admission. I also accept canned goods and spices as tips. We'll make enough for dinner and then package up leftovers or a whole other dish for you to take home. Just so everyone gets a chance, choose up to 2 events for yourself or 1 if you bring a friend, per month. I will confirm over email.

12/5/2018 at 7pm Feijoada - Brazilian feast of a stew with sides of orange, farofa and greens.

12/9/2018 at 1pm Full Filipino Brunch - Fried fish, garlic rice, spam, eggs, longaniza sausages

* For out of towners, I'm happy to share the recipes and tips for hosting your own cooking clubs!

Keep up with upcoming events by following my Facebook page


I'm headed to Mexico City from 11/18-27th! Got any tips or friends I should meet? I'll be attending Mutek CDMX.

I'll be spending the entirety of January in California, so let's dream up some fun ways to cook together! I'll be back in New York for all of February.

Wanna jam on ideas? Tweet me your random thoughts.

Happy November, friends!


P.S. Know a friend or small company that needs quick consulting about social media, food or life? From organizing your fridge to cleaning out your pantry or even brainstorming an activation for SXSW. Encourage them to sign up for my SAVORY tier here on Drip. It's a 15 minute consultation every month for $20 and it includes all of my locked recipes as well as a salt subscription.