Richard Herring’s Podcasts - Help us to make ever more podcasts: interviews, sketches, snooker. Get some amazing secret rewards

In return for your donations you will get - 

Access to a secret channel including all the backstage interviews we’ve ever done (and new ones added all the time) with the RHLSTP guests in which you get about 5 minutes of extra conversation with stars like Dawn French, Eddie Izzard and David Cross. Plus the uncensored bit about Prince Andrew from the Sophie Hagen podcast.

Question and Answer sessions. Three or four times a year we will have a live Q and A in which you can fire questions at Richard and he will answer them. Imagine how funny it will be to ask him his own emergency questions.

Downloads of Richard’s acclaimed stand up shows - every two months we will give you the opportunity to watch or download one of the dozen stand up shows that Richard has committed to film, shows like Christ on a Bike, Talking Cock and Hitler Moustache, along with extras and other curios from Richard's archive.

Monthly draw - You will also get entered into a monthly draw with the chance to win all kinds of weird and wonderful prizes, including terrible hand-drawn T-shirts, scripts, DVDs and other exclusive material

Richard Herring’s Podcasts - We make all sorts of podcasts: RHLSTP where Richard interviews big name comedians and other celebrities and asks them weird and inappropriate questions, AIOTM in which Richard does stand up and sketches based on the real life things that have happened to him recently, Me 1 Vs Me 2 Snooker where Richard attempts to become a professional self-playing snookerist, playing himself on the old green board in an unwinnable battle that has been hailed as a transgressive art project about our own internal battles, but is mainly just an old man playing himself at snooker and describing it badly in audio only.

We would love to expand out and make even more podcasts and maybe even sitcoms, short films and long films. And your subscriptions will help us bring you even more of what we’re already doing.

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