Drip is ending soon. BECOME A BADGER

Published on 2019-07-24

Hi all

As you may be aware Drip is going to end later in the year. It's a shame as it was working OK for us, but not for anyone else it seems.

We really appreciate your support over the last couple of years and we hope that you will consider crossing the divide and becoming  a badger. I know, I know. Badgers were your mortal enemies, but it is time of the division to end and the healing to begin and Dripsters lost, so get over it.

And look, if you sign up to become a Badger (and make sure you unsubscribe here when you do) you will get all the stuff you got here, plus this amazing membership pack of wallet, fold out membership card with exclusive EQs, secret code and more and two beautiful pin badges (red for £3 a month, gold for £5 and platinum for £10 a month) to amaze your friends and prove that you are cool.

Sign up at http://gofasterstripe.com/badges and see all your extras in the members area http://rhlstp.co.uk

Thanks again for your brilliant support and if you don't think you can become one of the badger scum, I understand, but look into your heart. Were Badgers and Dripsters really ever that different?