EQ book and Q and A session

Published on 2018-09-23

Hi all

Tomorrow at 3.30pm we will be attempting our first Q and A session on this page. Not totally sure how it works, but will give more info asap. For now, if you're free then, then get thinking of questions.

And don't forget that tomorrow is the first recording of the new series, 7.30pm at the Leicester Square Theatre, with Jonathan Ames and Alex Horne. Only 100 tickets left - you can probably buy on the door, or book here.

Also the new Emergency Questions book will be out in about 10 days time. Preorder here and help get it up the charts. (also available at gofasterstripe.com, Waterstones and all good book repositories)

 More info about this and everything that's going on at the moment in this month's newsletter.

Look forward to chatting with maybe three of you tomorrow afternoon. If it all works!