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Mike, Kevin and Bill - the stars and writers of classic MST3K - have been online at, making movies funny since 2006. We've created hundreds of hilarious commentary "riffs" for everything from cheesy B-movies to Hollywood blockbusters. We also broadcast our comedic stylings to theaters across America as "RiffTrax LIVE!", in shows made possible with the incredible support of the Kickstarter community.  

Now, as DripTraxians, you'll get an even deeper look inside our creative process! We're making exclusive posts just for DripTrax, including Talkin' RiffTrax videos, exclusive content from behind the scenes, posts from the writers and riffers themselves, plus concept art, and more! 

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9 Posts

  • Founding Traxian Status ends October 14th!

    Why, hello there Drippers of the Traxian variety! We just wanted to let you know that Drip will be shutting down soon, and you only have...
  • The RiffTrax Patreon is LIVE!

    Hey there Drip, Thank you so much for being a DripTraxian and dripping along with us. As promised, we're letting you all know first...
  • Patreon launch date!

    Hi DripTraxians, It’s finally time! As you know, Drip is sunsetting (...
  • DripTrax is moving to Patreon!

    Hi everyone, Your oldest Internet DripTrax friend Erik here.  We've absolutely loved having all of you with us for DripTrax these last...
  • The 2019 Kickstarter is LIVE

    We’re not gonna bury the lede here - THE 2019 RIFFTRAX KICKSTARTER IS NOW LIVE! ( ) This year, we want...
  • We Live In an Age of Wonders.

    Hello all. Kevin here.  As I often do when I can't get to sleep I make a mug of tea and tuck into an old movie I've seen many times. Last...
  • Kickstarter 2018 is live!

    We bring you supreme tidings of RiffTrax: our 2018 Kickstarter Campaign is now live! This year we’re hoping to bring you TWO amazing...
  • Animated intro animatic!

    Howdy folks, Hot on the heels of our JoCo Theme Song Demo, here's a peek at how our animated intro from Harry Partridge came together....
  • OHAI, Drip!

    Over the years, we’ve gained so much from being part of the Kickstarter community. And now, on Drip, we're connecting with our fans in a...