DripTrax is moving to Patreon!

Published on 2019-08-20

Hi everyone,

Your oldest Internet DripTrax friend Erik here. 

We've absolutely loved having all of you with us for DripTrax these last two years. Thanks to you, we've created David Ryder nickname coasters, revealed our abandoned riff of From Justin to Kelly, published our unaired NPR pilot, given you behind the scenes tours of our live events, put you in competition with other DripTraxians over your trivia knowledge, discussed proper akimbo etiquette, posted a Recipe for Cheese Puffs!?!, listened as Mike and Conor talked about discovering the Ice Cream Bunny, and of course delved deeper into the riffs themselves with the Talkin' DripTrax series.

Unfortunately, word has come from the folks at Kickstarter that the Drip platform will be shutting down soon. They had originally planned to reinvent the entire system as a shiny new platform later this year, but after months of R&D, that process has been abandoned. 

Because we've gotten so much enjoyment out of being able to interact with you all through Drip, we've decided that DripTrax must live on! So, we'll be spinning up our own Patreon, and moving all of our DripTrax content over there. And we'd love for you to come with us! More details on that and perks for joining us are mentioned below.

What does this all mean?

To summarize, here's a quickish run-down:

1. Drip will stop charging you for your subscription on September 13th. Drip subscribers will no longer be charged after that date.

2. Around that time, we will also launch our new Patreon! We'll let you know when it's ready, as it's a bit of a process to migrate all of our DripTrax content. (Subscriptions will not be migrated; more on that below. Patrons who join during the first wave will not be charged on Patreon until the end of September.) 

3. Drip will shut down on November 14th. We'll continue posting content here until then, at which point we'll continue posting exclusively on Patreon. We really would love to have you with us there, so if you're interested, please continue reading!

Why should you become a Patron?

Familiarity. We've really had a lot of fun on Drip, but with a name like that, it always needed a bit of an explanation. Thankfully, many people are already familiar with Patreon, and what it means to "become a Patron."

Integration. Patreon has an actual API, which will allow us to have integration between RiffTrax.com and your Patreon account. That means fun new perks, the details of which we're still figuring out. If you have ideas for some, we'd love to hear them!

Relationships. Patreon has built its entire platform around establishing and maintaining a relationship between Creators and their Patrons. We know our fans are the best on the planet, and Patreon will allow us to do an even better job at staying in touch and interacting with our amazing community, and giving you hilarious, fun, exclusive content in return.

And there are perks!

To hopefully entice you into following us on our Patreon journey, the first 1,500 Patrons will get an exclusive badge - design TBA - on the RiffTrax site denoting their "Founding Patron" status. (Patreon does not have founding levels per se, but we'll know who you are, as long as you connect your accounts. We'll provide a mechanism for doing that once we've launched, and integrated with the site.)

We'll also be offering $5 in gift card credit to each of the first 1,500 Patrons, AND EVERYONE who joins our Patreon during the first 30 days will be entered to win one of 5 live show posters, autographed by Mike, Kevin and Bill.

What about Kickstarter?

Drip's biggest perk was its direct relationship to your Kickstarter account. So, while you won't be able to login to our Patreon with your Kickstarter credentials, we plan to create Patron-only exclusives just like we did with Drip, including Kickstarter coin rewards, and of course the same awesome behind-the-scenes videos, art, rough mixes of songs, and more things we haven't even thought of yet

Will the levels be the same?

We had always intended to make the prices the same for Founding and regular DripTraxian levels at $3, rather than $3 and $4, but Drip never made this possible. On our Patreon, we expect to make a single tier that will cost $3 per month. Whether we make any higher tiers is yet to be determined, and we're not ruling out any ideas. Feel free to suggest your own!

Will my subscription transfer over automatically?

Unfortunately, subscriptions themselves in Drip are tied directly to the Drip platform, and the result is that we can't migrate those like we can with the content. However, with the perks we're offering, along with the promise of fun, new ways to integrate with RiffTrax.com, we think you'll agree that joining us there will be a no-brainer!

What about Founding Member status?

The Founding Member status on Drip will go away when Drip does, except for in your account details at RiffTrax.com. We'll have records of all our Drip subscriber email addresses, meaning we'll always know whether you were a Founding DripTraxian, and all you need to do to activate that particular RiffTrax.com Achievement is to validate your Drip status on this page.

That's all for now! We'd love your feedback on our switch to Patreon, so we've created a short survey here. Please fill it out and let us know what you think. We'll be sure to keep you updated over the coming weeks as things progress, and once the Patreon is live, you'll be the first to know about it.

I'll be back later this week with a brand-spankin' new Talkin' DripTrax video for our upcoming Just the Jokes riff, Street Fighter. We've also got the encore of The Giant Spider Invasion in theaters tonight at 7:30 pm local time, and my noggin even makes an on-screen appearance in the end credits! Hope to see you there.

Your pal,