Patreon launch date!

Published on 2019-09-12

Hi DripTraxians,

It’s finally time! As you know, Drip is sunsetting its platform and we’ve decided to move this exclusive content offering over to Patreon, where you’ll be known simply as… TRAXIANS! Check out the fancy new header image above. What do you think?

We’ve set the date: we'll be soft-launching on Patreon this Saturday, 9/14! We’re really excited about it, and will be launching to the public soon afterwards, but we wanted to let you know before anyone else

If you sign up during the first 30 days, you’ll get elite FOUNDING TRAXIAN status — which includes a special badge and achievement on your account. So mark your calendars!

We've moved all of your favorite Drip content over there, including every Talkin' DripTrax episode, and we're creating a Drip content archive over on the RiffTrax site that you'll all have access to soon as well. 

We're also working to integrate with the Patreon API, which will allow you to link your RiffTrax account with your Traxian subscription. Along with the same exclusive content, we've got exciting new features — like exclusive Discord channels! — to make our Patreon offering EVEN MORE AMAZING than what you've come to expect here on Drip.

So, look for more news on this very soon, including another reminder on Saturday when the Patreon goes live. Thanks, as always, for Dripping along with us. We hope you’ll join us as TRAXIANS on Patreon this Saturday!

- Mike, Kevin, Bill and the RiffTrax Team