The RiffTrax Patreon is LIVE!

Published on 2019-09-14

Hey there Drip,

Thank you so much for being a DripTraxian and dripping along with us. As promised, we're letting you all know first before anyone else: the RiffTrax Patreon is LIVE right now!

What you need to do: We can’t automatically move you over to Patreon. You can sign up for a membership to our Patreon today.

And once you've signed up to Patreon, and become a TRAXIAN by subscribing to the $3 tier, you'll be able to Link your account and unlock exclusive achievements! See the post on Patreon here.

You won’t miss any rewards. We’re creating an archive of all your Drip content over on, and we’re also moving our favorite posts over to Patreon. To continue to have access after Drip sunsets, we recommend signing up for your Patreon between today and 9/30 - plus, you’ll get a special bonus when you do!

We’ve made some tweaks to our tiers. We’ve dropped the “Drip” — subscribers to our Patreon will be known simply as Traxians! Become a subscriber during the founding period, and you’ll also get Founding Traxian status. Along with continuing to create awesome, exclusive and early-access content and just for you, we're also adding fun new benefits and ways to interact with us and other subscribers - like a private Discord channel - and more surprises along the way.

One last thing: as a convenience to our Drip subscribers, you will not be charged for your Patreon subscription until the end of your first month. After we move out of our "founding period about one month from now, any new subscribers will be charged up front.

We’re super excited to be launching TRAXIANS on Patreon, and hope you’ll join us, won’t you?

- Mike, Bill, Kevin, and the RiffTrax Team