We Live In an Age of Wonders.

Published on 2018-10-02

Hello all. Kevin here.  As I often do when I can't get to sleep I make a mug of tea and tuck into an old movie I've seen many times. Last night it was the Stanley Kubrick / Arthur C. Clarke classic 2001: A Space Odyssey.  I've watched it dozens of times over the years and continue to find new things, make new discoveries. 

But what I discovered last night simultaneously blew my mind and delighted me. My blown mind was delighted.

During the utterly bland and businesslike scenes on Clavius Base, in that dry corporate conference room, I realized that the duller-than-ceiling-white-paint bureaucrat who questions Doctor Heywood Floyd looked ver-r-ry familiar. 

David in Space
David in Space

Then I realized: It's David. From our very own, much beloved short David and Hazel: A Story in Communication.

David, on Earth.
David, on Earth.

Holy roast beef! I zoomed over to IMDB, and sure enough, both roles played by Canadian character actor Sean Sullivan, who also played small parts in such movies as  The Grey Fox, Atlantic City, The Dead Zone  and Pinocchio's Birthday Party. 

David (left) and Hazel
David (left) and Hazel

Who knew? Fifty years of seeing this movie and suddenly BOOM! I've fallen through the Star Gate.  I thought of the Kubrickian coincidences at play: 

Both films feature protagonists named DAVID. 

Both films' titles feature COLONS. 

Both films feature PEOPLE EATING MEALS. 

We truly do live in an age of wonders. 

Do yourself a favor and try to catch a 70mm screening of 2001, then top it off with a screening of David and Hazel.  You'll say to yourself, "My God, it's full of Davids."