Earth Boy, Page 001

Published on 2018-10-06

Welcome to my Drip and thank you for your support! Here's the first page of Earth Boy! (This first page is public, but subsequent pages will be subscriber-only.)

I'm super pumped about this project, and I can't wait for people to see it! Paul has written a very charming story, and I'm getting to draw and paint (digitally) comics in a way that I've never done before. It's both very exciting and very intimidating. If you like the look of Earth Boy, and would like to try your hand at painting similarly, my Clip Studio Paint watercolor brush can be downloaded at my Gumroad store!

One of the first things I asked for on this project was for the main character to be Chinese. In the original story pitch, Paul had named the main character Kenji Otomo (maybe after famed Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo?) but I felt like I wanted something a little closer to home for me, so I asked for him to be Chinese and Paul was 100% down.

Chinese kids often end up with somewhat old-fashioned names (like Ronald!) to go with their Chinese surnames and I wanted our protagonist to have that same juxtaposition. The name Benson Chow comes from the name of my high school, Benson, and the surname of my favorite Chinese superstar, Chow Yun Fat! Rejected names include Hamilton Leung (after US founding father Alexander Hamilton and Chinese actor Tony Leung,) and Apollo Lau (after the Greek god and Chinese actor Andy Lau.)

Unrelated: In case anybody is wondering, Mr. Bittles is a whippet :)