Earth Boy Sketchpost 1

Published on 2019-04-01

Hey y'all, here's something different today! Lets take a look at some of the character design sketches behind Earth Boy.

These were my very first Earth Boy sketches, working out a few design ideas for Benson. It was fun exploring these different outfits, but the first and third one of these made Benson look way too fashion-forward for his farm-boy roots.

And here's our final Benson design, as well as my first sketches of Lorna and Soraya! We chose the head from the first Benson design, but the outfit from the second (tho I changed the shirt color, because I thought red would look better with the green hair.) Lorna and Soraya's matching outfits were initially meant just as a way to link the two of them together, but later ended up being the basis for all of the Kayrus Academy uniforms. Between these sketches and the final designs, I made a few small modifications, but these are just about there. Lorna's hands ended up being changed to have the same number of fingers as Soraya, and Soraya got a few bumpy bits added to her elbows and shins.

Here we have my first drawing of Kenji, Chesire, and the final school uniform designs for Benson and Soraya. I imagine Chesire floats around Benson much in the same way as a "ghost" in the game Destiny, albeit with less sentience. The only design tweaks I ended up making between these sketches and what shows up in the comic are tweaks to the logo. 

Originally, I had only designed the leftmost logo, but later on, realized that variants would be needed to differentiate cadets and staff. It was at this point, that I also decided cadets and staff would also use the same colors, but in reverse. Orange with blue accents for cadets, and blue with orange accents for staff.

Hope y'all enjoyed this process post!