Earth Boy Sketchpost 2

Published on 2019-07-01

Hey y'all! I've got another sketchpost for you today.

Here, we have my first sketches of a space suit for Benson, and designs for Bogley and Stuckers. I think in the comic, we've only seen Stuckers in his school uniform, but this original design here, with the curvy design flourishes, was meant to make him look like a fancy boy, since he's from some serious space money. Benson's space suit is almost there, but still needed a few tweaks. This design is just a little too Megaman, and Paul was looking for something more retro-sci-fi, to contrast with the other students' slicker space gear.

And here are my first designs for Lowengear and Spratt. I feel bird-like characters aren't that common in sci-fi, so I decided I wanted Spratt to take have some bird-ness to him. In my mind, Spratt's species at one time, perhaps had more prominent wings and large feathery displays, but in their current society, it's considered more proper for men to keep their feathers mostly covered. Lowengear's big gaping shark face is most definitely inspired by 90's cartoon Street Sharks. Do y'all remember Street Sharks?


And, finally, here we have updated designs for Bogley's school uniform, Benson's space suit, and Spratt's school uniform. Along with his uniform, Spratt's design has also been tweaks to bring out a little more of his bird-ness, with a large poofy chest, longer head antennae/feather, and big ol feet. Benson's space suit takes on more retro-sci-fi look now, following this inspiration image that Paul sent along:

I love a good fishbowl space suit. Practically, they don't make a lot of sense, but for comics, it's so much nicer to be able to see your characters faces instead of a helmet.

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed this sketch post!