Welcome! - Introduction and Tiers

Published on 2018-11-14

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my drip, a mirror to my Patreon! :) For the first post, I thought it would be fun to show some process of how I went about making the illustration you see above.

This is an example of what the NEWSIE tier will look like, but here are all the tiers!

  •  NEWSIE -- $1 --  You get access the Saint for Rent vault, weekly process work, and discount codes for my online shop! 
  •  INNKEEPER -- $5 -- You get access to early webcomic updates, sketchbook PDFs, and process GIFs for 215+ SfR pages. Includes the NEWSIE tier!
  •  LEGALLY LOYAL -- $8 --  You get access to nude studies and whatever else fits under NSFW. Includes the INNKEEPER + NEWSIE tiers. Will also be available after Founding Period for $10.

I wanted to explore a new branding idea that shows my characters inside comic panels, which they were holding like picture frames. It was inspired by everyone sending me photos of their framed APPEAL! silkscreen prints on social media. x)  

 I recently got an iPad Pro, and it's allowed me to take my work with me when I travel. I did these sketches around the house and my friends' houses, and it's really helped me re-frame my mindset around work. (ba-dum-tch!) 

 Here they are without their frames. Inking is a pretty straightforward process. I like to use the G pen in Clip Studio Pro. I really like how the app works on the iPad, but there was definitely a bit of a learning curve. On my desktop, I have a gaming mouse (Razer Nostromo) that I've programmed my keyboard shortcuts onto. Without it on the iPad, I've adjusted how I ink by taking my time more on each line. I usually like to speed through the lineart process, but inking this way has been very satisfying as well. (Although, I did see a new gaming mouse for the iPad, so hmm!!!!)  

I enjoy the coloring stage immensely. The flatting stage, or when I set down the colors, is when I make decisions about the lighting. I generally like to have a midtone and highlight it with white. While I was working on NEWSPRINTS, I started airbrushing a little bit of light into the midtones to break up that sharp edge between the colors and their highlights. You can see it most clearly in Blue's hat and gloves.

This is also the stage when I begin coloring the lineart. There's no hard rule about which lines get the treatment. It's honestly just what looks good to me at the moment. Remember that Loyal's shirt was solid black in the lineart, so sometimes, I like the carve the color back in. 

 I add a little bit of blush to their skin. This part is subtle, and I sometimes opt to skip it if I feel like it muddies the artwork or takes away from the crispness of the highlights. Sometimes, it adds a little too much realness that makes me think, "Well, why don't I do more rendering at this point?" This is, of course, a trap because I. Have. Sworn. Off. Rendering! -stares into the cold horizon-

(It just takes too long, and I'm all about crisp lines and speed, lol.)  

It's time for patterns! I really love patterns but haven't used them much up until this point. I must remedy that! Anyway, this is a pattern I drew based off a traditional fish scale Asian pattern.  

Before I apply them to the characters, I adjust them to fit the color theme. Sometimes, it's as easy as turning it white, for Loyal's suit. For Saint and Blue, I changed the color to green and blue, respectively, so they could meld together more seamlessly with their outfits. I also use layer effects, so sometimes, the patterns are set to Multiply or Screen or Linear Burn, depending on how much I want it to show up on the flats.  

  I add layer masks to the patterns, and now it's all clean and sleek. Everyone gets their frames back, too.

For this set of drawings, each character has their own folder. I click folder and drag them into new files whenever I want to make something new with them!

This is an example of a post from the NEWSIE tier. :)