SBI Press makes original cassette tapes that give great creators a free space to explore comedy, music, art, and more --- Funny, strange, sad, beautiful. We make tapes that you never thought possible.

SBI Press is the publishing arm of Starburns Industries. Our motto is funny, strange, sad, and beautiful. We are a young publishing company focused on bringing alternate and interesting content to press, showcasing artists and creators of all kinds. We create unique books, comics and graphic novels and are making the jump into producing high-quality cassette tapes for subscribers.

TAPES:  We are creating unique, memorable cassettes that give our subscribers a tactile experience ranging from comedy, improvised stories, original music, radio plays, one off podcast ideas, and much more.  We are already hard at work on tapes with Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis, Eric Idle, Jack Black, Johnny Pemberton just to name a few.  

SUBSCRIPTION:  Our cassette tapes will be sent to subscribers on a monthly basis. We'll let you know what's coming up in our roster, but the tape you get each month will be a surprise. We try to have the tape delivered around the middle of the month, and the subscription period for any given tape closes around a month before delivery!

Each tape will have an individual look and feel to better represent the content with customized J-Cards, cases, and any additional features we want to include, so we have a lot of freedom in making each tape a one-of-a-kind analog experience. Nothing’s off limits. Our company has committed to giving our creators the tools to do what they have always wanted to do but may have never thought possible.   

SBI Press puts an emphasis on working with artists to create collaborative projects rather than just commissions. Our goal is to be as accommodating as possible to each artist's creative process and concept.  We want to promote a healthy relationship with our creators on the cassettes, and all our other projects.  We have a standard 50/50 split with every creator on the profits of their tape once the production costs are covered to ensure that we are fostering a cooperative experience where artists can feel comfortable and supported in their endeavors. 

Questions / Need Help?:

We'll be offering three tiers to our subscription:

 $1 - Cassette-less Castoff  

You're interested in us, but don't want to commit to a real relationship. You'll get our standard outreach and announcement posts, and we'll give you one track off each cassette as they are delivered. We promise not to catch feelings, but you can't sleep over and we aren't going to miss the gym to come see you.  

$13 - Cassette Connoisseur  

We are more than friends! In addition to the digital track when we ship a cassette each month and our lovely posts, you'll get a crisp cassette tape in the mail each month from one of our fantastic creators. We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our auditory offerings; we'll be curating something new and original every month that will surprise and stimulate you. Just don't tell anyone we met online.  

$22 - Cassette Czar  

We want to spend the rest of our lives with you. You've been there since the beginning as our rock, our foundation. We'll send you a customized cassette player so you can listen to our tapes every month --- at home or on the go (radical!). You'll also get access to a digital version of select tapes at no extra cost. In addition, we'll let you see our most intimate parts: behind the scenes content for the creations of the tapes, occasional audio that won't make the tape, and anything else we think you might want to see and hear. Thanks for listening sweetie, goodnight. (Only Available for US Subscribers at this time, sorry!)

$23 - Cassette Czarina

Same as above, minus the cassette player. We lost a lot of the world's remaining cassette player devices in the great vinyl wars of the early 2000's and as such we wanted to present an option that is sensitive to those who feel that tapping into the limited remaining supply of these mighty creatures for personal gain is wrong.

We hope you are as excited about SBI Press Tapes as we are, and we can't wait to get into your home, your hearts, and your ears.  Funny, Strange, Sad Beautiful.  --- SBI Tapes

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