Angelyne Tape Update - Delayed

Published on 2018-06-07

Howdy and Salutations!

Gang, let's talk about what it feels like to look forward to something. Sometimes, the best part of looking forward to something is waiting just a little longer than you thought to get that which you want most. That extra build-up makes receiving your gift all the sweeter 

In the spirit of this simple wisdom, and the fact that the super-special-secret-extra that will be going out with the Czar-level tapes was delayed by the manufacturer, we are slightly delaying the release of the Angelyne tape. We'll have our shipment on June 19th, meaning that we'll have everyone's tapes sent out by June 22nd

By way of apology, click the ink below and receive a message from Angelyne! Go search out your color and raise it to it's maximum vibration :)

As Always,

- SBI Tapes