Apri... May Tape Lock In

Published on 2019-05-22

Howdy Pard'ners,

We've finally gotten all our tapes to the round up for this month, and we're ready to put together our wagon train and get these doggies rollin' down the dusty mesa towards y'all's doorsteps and PO boxes.

All of you will be receiving In The Weeds by the incomparable Brendan Lynch-Salamon, and the loyal Czars and Czarinas among you will also be lassoing a delightfully colorful copy of I HATE/LOVE LA for all your existential and cosmic awakenings while stuck in metro traffic.

We're excited to get these hot tamales out to you very soon!

Catch you later on down the trail,

- SBI Tapes

(This post is being used to lock in your subscription for this tape, if you have any issues please reach out to us at sbipresstapeshelp@gmail.com)