April Tape Announcement / May Tape Sign Up

Published on 2018-03-19

Congratulations for signing up for SBI's Tape Of The Month Club! We are pleased to announce that our first month's tape will be... 

JOHNNY PEMBERTON: Recorded For Quality Assurance

A collection of farcical prank calls from Johnny Pemberton, perhaps best known for his role as the titular Son of Zorn in "Son of Zorn". Or from his Starburns Audio Podcast show "Live to Tape", his appearances on NBC's "Superstore" and the 21 Jump Street films. 

Recorded for Quality Assurance begins as an innocent collection of crank calls that quickly devolve into Lynchian conversations and absurdist diatribes on life, work, existence, pain, and the usual topics we all ponder when dealing with call centers.

Our April subscriber sign-up period is now CLOSED. Any subscribers after this point will be receiving our tape for the month of May. For those of you already signed up, no need to do anything, your May tapes and onward will come to you as normal.

Expect your tapes around April 15th, and tune in on that day for the digital track as well. Cassette Czars: Keep an eye out for extra digital goodies as we approach Tape Delivery Day (TDD).

If you have not yet sent in your address using the provided links, DO SO NOW. If you don't, you'll have to have a real awkward message exchange with us where we berate you for not following our instructions and messing everything up for everyone else. (Link: https://goo.gl/forms/ijDTdwx8HUFNRkwZ2)

(Subscribers, we have charged you for your first month's tape via this post. The monthly announcement post will always be used for this purpose going forward.)

- SBI Press