Complimentary Digital Track - IDFSG

Published on 2018-05-16

 Rob Tanchum's IDFSG 

Hey hooligans and hooleygals! 

If you are waiting with baited breath for The Dark Dark Purple Tape, you won't have to hold out much longer. We've finished the packaging process and are dropping them all of to USPS today!

In the meantime, here is our monthly complimentary track, piping hot out of the oven. Coming from Rob Tanchum's wonderful upcoming cassette, with collaborations including Jeff Davis and Dan Harmon, we present IDFSG

Jeff , Dan, and Rob will also be featured on our upcoming Dan Raps compilation album, produced by Open Mike Eagle, that will showcase remastered favorites from Dan Harmon's immense library of HarmonTown raps. 

 Rob Tanchum's IDFSG 


written & performed by Rob Tanchum

produced by Superfool (Kevin Hall & Shawheen Keyani)

executive produced by Simon Oré & SPI Press

recorded at Superfool Headquarters and Starburns Industries

additional vocals by Church

saxophone by Jordan Cohen

vocal sample: Reggie Watts, Late Night With Conan O’Brien 


now clap your hands if you’re always sad
  and you know there’s something wrong with you
  now move your feet if you’re incomplete
  and there’s nothing love or drugs can do 

let me hear you say


i got a wonderful life
  i found the love of my life
  and she treats me special every day
  her parents pay for my rent
  my parents pay for expense
  i got a lot of faith invested in me

i got a few best friends
  proving time and again
  that they’re more than friends, they’re family
  i get to do what i love
  creating music and stuff
  but i never seem to be happy 

so let me hear you say


i never struggled for much
  i never hustled or punched
  i never worried for nobody but me
  i lead a privileged life
  with the littlest strife
  all my conflict happens internally

i’ve had incredible luck
  all of my stars have aligned
  so why am i whining like i’m out on the street
  because my brain is a mess
  no matter how good it gets
  i’m always gonna be a little empty 

so  let me hear you say


don’t have a right to complain
  first off i’m white and a man
  the most substantial advantage a human life can attain
  been handed chances on chances
  since i was damping my pampers
  entitled comes with the title
  the system’s slanted to me

never ever been abused false accused mistreated
  get to bend the rules; white skin and a penis
  and i barely ever lose, play the game on easy
  cuz my people made the game and the whole gang cheated

i’m sorry, sorry i’m sorry
  not begging your pardon
  this is purely preface
  Professor Prefacer reporting
  it’s important
  for me
  to get this all out on the table
  ‘fore i start in
  i’m bout to tell you all a tale 

about a white male protagonist
  (sorry, i’m sorry)
  embarking out to find happiness
  (sorry, i’m sorry)
   who gets abducted by aliens
  (sorry, i’m sorry)
  and has to undergo analysis
  (i’m sorry)

If you made it all the way down here, kudos to you for being a completionist.

- SBI Tapes